dipshit-pig: Ifrit from FF10 <3

dormouseking: conservatives think we turn

quilly-artblog: Look at this, the love of

l-a-l-o-u: sending your friends terrible

breakerpangolin:Dumb warmup doodle of Mr.

thehouseofkent: Superman by tobu-tobu

droolingdemon:cowboy werewolf sketch

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eurodynamic:CHRIS REDFIELD · Samurai OutfitResident


swanpit:bonus : get pringlesed lol(the 2

rhys-ravenfeather:countessofbiscuit:i can’t

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luciowned: ratguzzler:


wildwardance: happy 30th anniversary starfox

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moldy-mold: well this is yugioh after all

byakkotea: two queens

andoryuanzuru: Lora of Torna  The winner

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mrdsc1010: Hobgoblin:

Crippling Depression

9kitsunes: Off season king  Artist: Anhes

mcthundergoose:Death Wolf ready to steal

Crippling Depression

silver-tongues-blog: animalcrossingpocketcamps:

ggunbusted: feliz jueves :)

mccinnabuns:Bloo and Marluxia have the same

beyonce-knowles-carter: PARKS AND RECREATION

playstationpark: Hyper #125, March 2004

litriu:monster lovers unite

kaigen-apple: suppermariobroth: In Super

dilfosaur:digimon, but make it fashion

A Mana of Many Talents

Charmed By Fate

manny-jacinto: THE LAST OF US episode 1

scpkid:a cowboy coyote named tex

theotherendcomics: Bears use neither paper

ryu1964: dongboss:

fakecelgf:cats that look directly at faggots

lakanakana:in his element

plowjob: powerdolls2:

lunehowls:oh yeah also im crazy for the wolf

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slycoopernerd:Tennessee Kid Cooper

palmer:dudunsparce:dudunsparce:why are they

Large Grandfather's Place

little-tunny: Go on, take it :)

tophatting:They’re too light

starkeaton: the-evil-twin: Dirty Pair (1985

thetyrannosaur: 511am: Evolution of Nissan

pattheanimator: Just putting together one

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moviequotes3:Suda51 jacking the hell off.

ricardobessa: Hot Buns, for Burl &