arysamisu: I mean… he’s not wrong

kuroosukii: Akutagawa Ryunosuke

hidingoutbackstage: klleyoharas: harold,

free-ottawe: cute-pluto: my teacher is using

nemirutami:It was a perfectly reasonable

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renrink: as a trio shipper i like to imagine

ray-winters-sings: incredible


kaiba-cave:Yusei’s is just immediately

squided: tlitookilakin: engineer-pearl0:

animatedamerican: jeffreymarsh: Yes💛💛💛🌈😍

I'm Here To Lose

bilokis:On December 17th, 2018, our Community

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zagreus: joyfullyyouniquefangirl: zagreus:

yeah-yeah-beebiss-1: therudecouture: Gareth

aglassroseneverfades: pmastamonkmonk: schnerp:

adamussutekh: adamussutekh: ocean-in-my-rebel-soul:

bleed different color

konoha-whirlwind:I have this picture of sasuke

dekutree: easy Pokemon Red Pokemon Blue Pokemon

another apollo stannie

loseio: what if,. rouxls kaard… Gun

meanplastic:I AM SCREAMING

neon-ufo: Part 2 of the thumbnails I did

science-fiction-is-real: avatarsymbolism:

ink-ami: Cute girlsSusielle is clearly my

despairwlw: kuuhaiyu: kris’ wish, and

deltakaard: jitterworm: pixfurda: Really

milly-dean: ~~ Sylveon Hybrids V2 ~~ This

thelostmoongazer: He may be graceful, but

yunisverse: so we have three options: -King

maxxeruz:i saw @rouxls‘ post abt rouxls

punkapoxci:Some fencing bois for @thelostmoongazer

phx-y: Art by 染赤 ※ Permission to

Trans Vigilante

minakatana:This has been me for the past

pixfurda: Still going strong

marudyne: Let’s Go Girls.(Dresses from

benepla: bestfunny: They told us there was

cadetkawaii: anus: dog and snog My yearly

xxmiraclesmay:Sparkly friend.

aquilaofarkham:one taught me love, one taught

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ambermusicbox: overherewiththequeers: overherewiththequeers:

hipstercanada:happy 4th bday to the one of

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shunthehexmage: redwaltz: drhaniwa: ダイソーで買ったメガネにLEDを仕込んで「メガネキャラが企んでる時の光るメガネ」を作りました。

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dreamychick:Teamwork makes the Dream work. 

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elentori-art:Between Worlds🗡

galahadwilder: violent-darts: ranma-official:

felishi: takin a break from kazama’s route

allthingslinguistic:Linguistics takes on

wheredoievengetthisstuff: @leojulius13 told

jaboncito:finally got a chance to play deltarune!

cheezybrie92: stumbleonhometomycats: this