My activity page is literally nothing but

askdustcloud: ♪ ♫And when the lights

tgweaver: TGWeaver’s Trash Pile will now

questionzecora: By now, we all know the fuckkery 

ask-ruby-streak: As the veil of doom descends

ask-glittershell: Dusk of the final day let’s

joeywaggoner: I’ve been on this site for

ineedanaccount: ineeda-arts: ineeda-arts:

sa-eku: Triple Pony Dare Ya 可愛かった~~

4testicles: IM BAAack ah…… oh shit this

nerdys-art-crap: So this is how it all ends,

omgfurryponies: Since tumblr doesn’t like

nopony-ask-mclovin:I guess that may help

pabbley: Welp! I guess this is it for a

chilis-spicysecretroom: Well Tumblr is dead

ask-canterlot-musicians: Oooooooooooooh buck.

godoffury-nsfw: The Tumblr situation. Sorry

ask-the-werewolves: @afroboi0010 / Ask /

wolfwithribbon: 🐾 🐾 🐾 <3

doodleforfood:Sushi chef doggo :D


squidscientistas:As if squid weren’t beautiful

ricksketchbook:A quick one before bed

ratofponi: Hey everyone! Just wanted to share

askcaffeinehazard:Commission for @yaktan-sfw

cloufypaws:(Commission)Keeping each others

askravenscale: “huh?” -RavenScale @asknodthenarcoleptic


yakovlev-vad: Yep, everypony want to be

la-ndy: The weather is getting colder. I

retrogamingblog: Eeveelution T-shirts made

input-command:Thank you, CreateDbait for

doodleforfood:Bork Report returns!

hobbsmeerkat-art: -FAREWELL TUMBLR- I joined

fridayflareon:stay warm!

dailyskyfox: I don’t even care about calories

alumx:  I actually already had newgrounds

thedenofravenpuff: catchymemes: Poles will

n0nnny: What an adventure these 2.5 years

cloufypaws:Holiday YCH results <3Characters:Galaxy

sketchy-replies:Nothing like a big ol sweater,


thehorsewife: chopsticks-pony: So I saw

flutterthrash-nsfw: flutterthrash: (inb4

hoofclid:Bonus Christmassy Fluttershy wrapping

thepigeongazette: live action lion king spoiler

hoofclid:The giant reds have to stick together,

zhanbao: rosie, but she got real poofy reminder,

naughty-tin-can-eater: you just can’t take

Welcome to my social experiment.

wildberry-poptart:@articaartes‘s Hollow

mylittlehorse: asssha: Hi sweethearts, I

itsdanfango: 3 🎉 “stop it” <3

theartmanor:Unproductive week…

ask-the-unnamed-pony: We’re in the Endgame

fridayflareon:fishyfishy :D

flutterluv:Based off this [tumblr post].

zombie-frisk: spooksmoose: Fluffy boy! I

ponypotatoes: Peep Peep! Where’s everyone

kimoose:it seems unforgiving when a good